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deconstruct the assumption that mermaids are sexy

Renae really wants to deconstruct the assumption that mermaids are sexy. Amy thinks Ariel is pretty. Chaos and self-discovery ensue.

Renae: So, Courtney Stodden dressed up as a scaly fish hybrid, writhed awkwardly on rocks, and told the world she was “so wet” to shill credit reports. How does this make you feel?

Amy: Confused mostly. What does Courtney have to do with credit reports? What do mermaids or fishing have to do with credit reports? Why would Courtney, as a mermaid, exclaim that she is wet? That’s sort of a basic function of being a mermaid.

Renae: Good and important questions, all of them. But, if I may take a step back for a moment to look at the bigger, more disturbing picture, why do we as a culture equate mermaids with sexiness? I mean, those two guys in the commercial are pretty thrilled with their half-fish, half-woman catch of the day—never once do they stop to think, “Hmm, her dual-species composition is a little unsettling.” It’s a trope as old as time: women with fish tails are sexier than those with legs—it’s some sort of weird upgrade. What’s going on there?

Amy: You’re right. I’ve really taken for granted that mermaids are sexy. It was just something I grew up knowing. I think because I watched The Little Mermaid every day.

Renae: And what exactly was it about Ariel that made you believe mermaids were sexy? Was it her blatant disregard for shirts?

Amy: This is blowing my mind because Ariel just oozed sexy to me. But was she sexy because she was a mermaid? I don’t know. You’re forcing me to dig deep here. I do remember thinking that she was much more appealing before she traded her voice for a chance to walk on land. Ipso facto: women with tails are hotter than women with legs. Or rather women who can sing are hotter than women who silently brush their hair with a fork at the dinner table.

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